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This awesome intuition book: Improve Your Life with Intuition,Feng Shui Wisdom and Affirmations, by me, Intuitive Consultant,  Pearle Lake, may be just what your looking for.   You can  learn  more about it and how to get it by clicking on tab: About the Book. 

Intuition -  is something you are born with and everyone has it. It's not a matter of acquiring it, it's knowing how to access  this trusted resource.                                                                                                         

Good Feng Shuiis not a mystery. You can have it intuitively, and when you apply the time-tested guidelines, with common  sense.                          Affirmations -  empower your life by changing unwanted results  and thoughts to desired outcomes, in a systematic way.
                                                                                                                   Do you want life improvements without a lot of struggling? Start by deciding the kind of life  you'd like to live.  Keep in mind that the life you are now living consists of good choices you make that support you and also some choices that don't.  You have what it takes to make good choices. This book is about allowing Intuition, Feng Shui, and Affirmations to work for you.

 Of course you already have some  knowledge   about these topics. For example do you...          shy away from dimly lit streets?  Do extremely bright lights bother you?  Feel uncomfortable with your back to the door?   Answered  yes? You know something about feng shui. 

Have you thought of someone, the phone rings and it's that person?   After a bad day, wished that you paid attention to that subtle voice within? If so, you are tapped in to your intuition.

Do you think about your intention before you speak? Rephrase what you want to say so not to turn off a co-worker or client?     Talk yourself through a difficult situation?  Answered yes?  You could  easily work with affirmations

Maybe you don't trust your gut instinct, just know that it's working for youSuppose you live in a tiny space? You can still have good feng shui .  What if you never had success with affirmations? you can now.                                                                                                         After all, you came here with inner awareness and you tap into it more than you consciously know.